Distributes water evenly through soil profile.

    Cost effective water saving and irrigation time.

    Retains water and nutrients at root zone.

    Reduces run-off.

    Safe to use as soil drench or addition to fertigation systems.


    Bio+wetta is a Certified organic wetting agent that acts to reverse the effects of hydrophobic soil. Derived from 100% Yucca schidigera concentrated plant extract, the foaming quality works to coat and break down waxy organic residues on hydrophobic soil particles allowing for efficient water and bio stimulant dispersal to the root zones. Bio+wetta applications are for use in gardens, agricultural and horticultural applications which increases water absorption and distribution throughout soil profiles.

    Wet soil before and after application for improved absorption.

    Pickup and delivery options available for 1L, 4L and 20L sizes.  Contact us by phone or via our website form for more information. Alternatively you can also visit us in-store and speak to our product specialists.