Contains a balanced organic nutrient source, plus trace elements.

    Increases absorption capacity to use naturally occurring and applied fertilisers and trace elements.

    Improves the activity of plant enzymes and micro-organisms for more rapid growth.

    Better tissue health increases disease resistances.

    Improves frost resistance when applied with foliar spray.

    Soil conditioner

    Seed dressing.

    Pasture and crop top dressing.

    Direct, side spray and overhead foliar applications.


    Biofish+kelp is a quality blend of organic fish nutrient & liquidised Australian Bull Kelp. The natural nutrients & trace elements of both proven products can now be applied as a single compound, & strict quality control formulation guarantees that every application is identical. Specific Kelp components – Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins & Betaines have additional properties to assist in growth, health & reproduction in plants. Biofish+kelp has many Agricultural & Horticultural applications.

    Pickup and delivery options available for 1L, 4L and 20L sizes. 200L and 1000L options are also available. Contact us by phone or via our website form for more information. Alternatively you can also visit us in-store and speak to our product specialists.