Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC) and water holding ability.

    Promotes better soil structure.

    Improves retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients.

    Increases the effectiveness of plant fertilizers.


    Biokelp+ is biologically extracted liquified Australian Bull Kelp (Durvillea potatorum) designed to deliver optimum benefits by increasing your plants’ chlorophyll production. Biokelp+ stimulates natural development & growth. It functions as a catalyst to let your plants use the sun’s energy more effectively, thereby promoting stronger healthier growth. Biokelp+ creates an extended root system giving your plants greater access to nutrients & water in the soil thus contributing to long term health. Biokelp+ stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity which leads to improving your plants natural resistance to stresses. It creates a “biological barrier” between your plants & pathogens. Biokelp+ also contains important bio-growth stimulants, which have a significant effect on seed germination, root development and general growth. Biokelp+ can be an effective fertiliser supplement to help restore soil condition.

    Pickup and delivery options available for 1L, 4L and 20L sizes. 200L and 1000L options are also available. Contact us by phone or via our website form for more information. Alternatively you can also visit us in-store and speak to our product specialists.