Introduces a diverse and active microbial population for an immediate response.

    Rapidly builds and stimulates soil fertility and productivity.

    Improve microbial balance, soil aeration, nitrogen cycling and carbon sequestration.

    Custom blends to suit specific soil requirements.


    Bio+ Brew is 100% organic and brings soils to life. Manufactured locally in Vasse, Western Australia, using quality hand selected ingredients and biostimulants, Bio+ Brew offers the largest range of beneficial soil microbiota to improve structure, create natural aeration, assist in organic matter digestion, mineral cycling and nitrogen fixation. Soil supporting a balanced microbiome is effective in restoring soil carbon, unlocking mineral antagonisms, decomposing toxins, retaining valuable water and nutrients. The result is cost effective, stronger, healthier plants.

    This product may be applied as a foliar spray or through the root system via coulter wheel injection, fertigation, irrigation.

    Custom made small and large quantities available on pre-order.

    A soil test is highly recommended to get the best possible results from this product.

    This product has to be used within 24 hrs.

    Pickup and delivery options available. Visit us in-store or send us a web form request with your requirements.