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Why choose Bio Soil Solutions products?

Revitalize Your Garden with our Organic Premium Bio Soil Stimulant Products

1L Bio Soil Solutions Product Family

Our specially formulated organic bio-stimulants provide a natural boost to plant growth and health.

What are Microbial Bio Stimulants?

Learn about the microorganisms that help plants grow by providing them with essential nutrients and protecting them from disease.

Bio-stimulants are natural additives to fertilizers that come from living organisms or natural sources. They can be used as a coating for seeds, applied to plants or soil, and even promote root growth. These bio-stimulants contain vital minerals, hormones, and amino acids that help plants grow and develop healthily. In agriculture, bio-stimulants come in various forms, such as microorganisms, compounds, and substances, and are used to improve crop strength, yield, and quality, as well as tolerance to harsh conditions. By fostering growth and development at different stages of the crop life cycle, from seed germination to maturity, bio-stimulants play a crucial role in plant growth.

Mycorrhizal fungi
These fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping to improve nutrient uptake and water absorption.
Rhizobia bacteria
These bacteria are able to fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available to plants.
This bacteria is known for its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen.
This bacteria can improve the growth and yield of cereal crops by promoting root growth and increasing the absorption of nutrients.
Bacillus subtilis
This bacteria can improve plant growth and health by producing plant growth-promoting compounds and protecting plants from disease.
This fungi can improve plant growth by colonizing plant roots and promoting nutrient uptake.
This bacteria can improve plant growth by promoting root growth and protecting plants from disease.
This bacteria can improve plant growth by producing plant growth-promoting compounds and protecting plants from disease.

What are the benefits?

Why it’s important to use organic bio soil stimulants on your farm or garden.

  • Boost plant metabolism, resulting in higher yields and better crop quality.
  • Make plants more resilient and better able to recover from harsh conditions.
  • Improve the way plants take in, move and use nutrients.
  • Improve the taste, colour, and overall quality of fruits and vegetables.

  • Help plants make better use of water.
  • Enhance soil fertility by promoting a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms in the soil.
  • Improve soil structure, porosity, and water-holding capacity, leading to better soil health and increased crop yields.
  • Increase the populations of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which can help suppress plant pathogens and improve soil fertility.
  • Enhance the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, making them more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Improve the soil’s ability to retain nutrients, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Increase the biodiversity of the soil ecosystem, promoting a more balanced and healthy soil environment for plants to grow.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture by reducing the use of synthetic chemicals and promoting more sustainable farming practices.

Why did you create Bio Soil Solutions?

Our vision on the future of farming

At Bio Soil Solutions, we are committed to protecting the environment while still providing effective solutions for improving soil health. We recognized that traditional bio stimulants could have negative impacts on the natural biology of the soil. To address this, we have developed a line of environmentally friendly bio stimulants that are completely organic and certified. These products are specifically formulated to enhance the biology of the soil without compromising the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

In addition to our line of organic bio-stimulants, we also offer a range of services to help farmers and growers implement sustainable agricultural practices. These include soil testing and analysis, crop consultation, and training on the proper use of our products. We understand that every farm and growing operation is unique, and our team of experts works closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to transparency and education, and we make sure that our customers fully understand the benefits and limitations of our products. We also continuously conduct research and development to improve our products and stay at the forefront of sustainable agriculture.

We understand that traditional bio-stimulants can have negative impacts on the natural biology of soil, which is why we have developed a line of environmentally friendly bio-stimulants that are completely organic and certified. Our products are specifically formulated to enhance the biology of the soil without compromising the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, we offer a range of services, such as soil testing and analysis, crop consultation, and training, to help farmers and growers implement sustainable agricultural practices. Our goal is to improve soil health, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and ultimately contribute to a sustainable food production system for future generations.

Our drive for sustainable and natural agriculture is what led to the creation of our products.

Supported Industries

Local industries have made the switch to organic bio-stimulants resulting in sustainable and efficient farming methods.

A large number of industries have seen success with the use of organic bio-stimulants.

Primary producers for farming of

Customer Testimonials

“I have worked with Bio Solutions on multiple projects throughout the City of Busselton. The Bio Solutions team have been very proactive in assisting with addressing complex issues of soil and vegetation health.

Their customised organic products have proven to improve soil biology resulting in improved vitality across all softscapes from turf to high value heritage trees.”

Adam Tweddle , City of Busselton

My name is Florent, I’m a gardener for Busselton great area . It’s been more then 18 months I’m working with bio solutions product and it’s been amazing. I specialize on organic mulch and organic top dress . The results I had with them products are Phenomenal and the team are always happy to answer any questions. Thank you to Brett and his team I Learned so much with you .

Florent, Florent Gardening Services

I’ve exclusively been using your products  in my business for a year and have noticed, vast increases in soil moisture and life at my clients properties. As a control I haven’t used your products on only one of my clients and it has taken 6 months longer to achieve the life and similar growth in the grounds. I supply your fish and kelp, compost, feeder mulch 90%/10%. I do not offer any other suggestions for products then Bio Soil Solutions. “They are locally made go take a look” I tell them. “Look for yourself” and I show them my “best of” reels. Thanks for all your support, even just the friendly chat when I pick up mulch,to the information you freely give and education sessions. Much love for you all and your products. Thanks so much.

We approached Bio Soil Solutions for advice on our new gardens and existing lawn (riddled with weed), after going away and considering our options we returned to start a programme to build up a healthy lawn and weed elimination. The creation and establishment of native gardens building up existing veggie garden and tree planting began and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of successful lawns and gardens. This was all possible by taking the advice of the team over the past 9 months on our 3000 m2 block by using the fine compost spread over the lawn with the application of Bio Fish+Kelp and Bio+Wetta concentrate with hand weeding and no chemical use. The gardens and tree beds were prepared with Fish+Kelp & Bio+Wetta and fed and protected with 90/10 mulch. The results show in the growth we have achieved on the 150 plus tube stock shrubs and 40 trees planted so far. We will be continuing to use Bio soil solution products to feed and nurture our lawns, gardens & trees.


Local garlic grower in Ruabon shows garlic rows at shooting followed by images of Bio Soil Solutions bio stimulant and biology amendments results on day six.