Soil Testing

Consultation with Bio Soil Solutions Director, Brent Burns        

  • informative session addressing the role of the soil food web, biological diversity required according to plant succession
  • microscopic biological assessment (client sample)
  • photos and description of diversity identified in client sample

Comprehensive Soil Report (per sample)                                         

  • procedure for soil sample collection
  • current management of sample site
  • full chemistry analysis including Aluminium
  • full biological assessment
  • Soil Assessment Report identifying mineral antagonisms, biological diversity and recommendations
  • Recommended annually

Soil Biology Review (per sample)                                                        

  • Microscopic biological assessment (new client sample)
  • Soil Biological Report
  • Recommended 3 monthly intervals

*water testing may be required (price pending mineral antagonisms)

*cost of products additional

*site visits incur additional fees

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